Analytics & Modelling

Creating Business Value Through Insights

What It Is
It helps our clients create and implement statistical models, which continuously improve over time through machine learning, and ultimately drive better decisions, improve business effectiveness, and increase operational efficiency.

When You Need It
Decision fatigue. We all suffer from it. You have hundreds of decisions to make each day, from the tactical or mundane to those that will impact the future of your business. A lack of historical information, resources to assess the true impact of various choices, or time to proactively make a decision at all keeps your organization from being its best.

Are you finding it harder to identify and/or retain your best customers?
Does your current pricing strategy not meet desired margin expectations?
Can you predict the success of a marketing campaign before it begins?
Do you determine inventory levels by "gut feel" but need to do better?
Are you ready to make your reporting and analytics truly actionable?

Whether you require assistance with a single key decision or are looking to start your journey to becoming an insights-driven organization, Raven Bay can help.

Raven Bay’s delivery approach goes beyond technical implementation to ensure the intended value from the project is fully captured. We clearly define the business challenges & opportunities up front and drive them through our work including the incorporation of a governance process, business impact-driven technical delivery, knowledge transfer & adoption, and communication activities.

Primary Solutions
  • Advanced Modelling & Key Decision Support
  • Key Driver Identification and What-If Simulations
  • Budgeting / Financial Forecasting
  • Analytics & Machine Learning Tool Implementations